Our team engaged with Demmie Hicks in the fall of 2013 as we are working through a leadership transition from our founders to our new team of leaders. Her process and pre-work leading into the two-day season enabled us, a group of 12, to debate, develop and gain alignment on an executable plan. She continues to work with us as we execute on the transition plan and to develop our strategic plan going forward. Her ability to understand our individual and team dynamics along with her expertise specific to our industry were the perfect attributes for our team’s transition and our continued success. I especially found her guidance valuable in my personal journey as she is incredibly gifted at keeping me focused and self-aware of what’s important as my path evolves. I would highly recommend Demmie Hicks for the work she does and the person she is.
— Ryan Watkins CIC, CRM — President and CEO, Minneapolis, Marsh & McLennan Agency, LLC

Through personal experience as part of Demmie’s Emerging Leaders program, I gained great understanding, clarity, and vision in regard to my personal leadership journey. Furthermore, Demmie’s work with Scott has helped us evolve and grow as a firm. Demmie is a pro and I would absolutely recommend her to those looking to build for the future.
— Hutch Mauck, President, Scott Insurance

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