Insurance consulting based in Atlanta, GA


DBH Consulting has been providing consulting services to a variety of businesses since 1994. We work specifically with agents, brokers, and insurers to help them tackle complex strategic and tactical issues. The insurance industry is facing large amounts of change, and as the industry continues to move forward, many companies find themselves falling behind. Partner with expert insurance consultants to stay ahead of the competition and resolve internal problems with ease.

All of our insurance consulting services are drawn from industry expertise and are designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your practices. As insurance industry natives, we understand the challenges that many agents, brokers, and insurers face and the best solutions necessary to support project needs. We’ll work alongside your team to develop and implement strategies that solve challenges and create solutions that prevent future problems from occurring.

Our service doesn’t end once the project is over! We continue to work with our clients even after the project is completed to ensure that their success is long-term. We create life-long partnerships that help agents, brokers, and insurers navigate through every stage of business. Our insurance consulting services support a number of insurance agencies including Property & Casualty agents, brokers, and insurers and Group Health Benefits and Wellness agents, brokers, and insurers.

Our team also helps insurance agencies through due diligence and mergers and acquisitions.

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