Demmie Hicks is a long-time insurance industry expert who functions as a "thinking partner" for insurance industry CEOs and their top executives.

Demmie Hicks founded DBH Consulting in 1994, and has been working ever since as a strategic advisor and "thinking partner" to the CEOs of private companies. 


CEOs turn to Demmie to help them create the positive change necessary to grow a business. She understands the challenges and realities that confront leaders every day.

She has helps leaders shape their vision, develop actionable strategic plans, elevate sales performance – and ignite both motivation and accountability throughout the enterprise. 

Demmie also helps organizations shape succession plans and provides leadership development for next-in-line CEOs and future leaders.

A recognized thought leader in the insurance industry, Demmie has authored numerous articles and addressed audiences at seminars, symposia and other events. Since 2008, she has served on the Editorial Board of American Agent & Broker Magazine.

As one of the chief architects of PAR Ltd., the insurance industry’s highly sophisticated and successful reinsurance program, she had a profound impact on the performance of hundreds of agencies and brokerages. The centerpiece of Demmie’s involvement with PAR was its Quality Management Program, a transformative offering she engineered to help agency CEOs improve operations.

Demmie began her career developing automation training for USF&G (now GeoVera Specialty), an insurance holding company. She later worked for ACORD, the non-profit association that develops and encourages standards for the insurance, reinsurance and related industries. She also served as a partner with Hales & Associates, a leading management consulting firm, working on strategic planning, operations and mergers and acquisitions integration.

Demmie led The Griffith Foundation’s multi-generational “Insurance Education & Career Summit: A Collaborative Effort to Engage the Next Generation.” She is a Board member of the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation, Georgia chapter.