“We bring everything out into the open. We go into a room, and we stir it up. Our work is not about being a consultant standing in front of a group and doing all the talking. Our work is creating a safe place where people can openly and honestly put things out on the table—and it works.”
— Demmie Hicks, Founder and CEO


DBH Consulting services help businesses move through the stages of:

  • Discovery - Business consulting begins with understanding the business, current marketplace, overall industry, mission, vision, organization goals and impediments to achieving them.

  • Development - Once we have an overview of your business’ current state, we can begin developing strategic action plans in accordance with your organization goals.

  • Creation - Creating sound financial and operational plans is fundamental to achieving business goals in order to ensure implemented changes will be effective and sustainable.

  • Leadership Development - In order for changes to be successful in a business, they must be backed by strong leadership. We’ll teach you techniques to gather support from your team and become a strong leader.

  • Succession Planning - In order for implementations to create an impact on the business long-term, the next-in-line CEO’s need to be prepared to become the future leaders. Our consulting for future leaders helps your business to prepare for long-term success

  • Implementation - Once the plans have been created specifically for your business and the leaders have been strengthened, we can implement these strategies with ongoing guidance.

  • Review and Reassessment - Our consulting support doesn’t end when the strategies have been implemented. Our team stays connected with your team to review success and make adjustments as needed.

Our business consulting services ensure success long-term by developing leaders in all levels of the business to implement specifically designed strategies. By partnering with us, we’ll explore topics such as:

  • Courageous Leadership

  • Driving Alignment

  • Behavior Modification

  • Values and Beliefs

  • Maintaining Hope for Business Dreams

  • Working through Conflict

  • Achieving Organic Growth

  • Navigating a changing Environment

  • Understanding Your Authentic Self and Leadership Role

  • Economics of a High-Functioning Team

  • And much more!

As a business consulting firm with over 20 years of consulting experience, we understand the importance of working together with your team to create long-lasting and business specific strategies. Our actionable plans are developed alongside your support and implemented with accountability and progression. Our services don’t end after the plans have been implemented. We continue to have clients partner with us long-term because they understand the benefit of our continued consulting.


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