Managing Change During a Merger and Acquisition


If you’re contemplating-  are in the middle of-  or have recently completed a merger or acquisition, you are undoubtedly witnessing a myriad of responses throughout your organization.

  • Uncertainty and lack of confidence in management
  • Fear of termination for job redundancy
  • Lack of understanding of or skepticism in the new culture or vision
  • Lack of clarity on new or altered job roles
  • Overall resistance to change
  • Increased frustration and confusion
  • Trepidation in communicating concerns
  • Fear of becoming expendable, irrelevant


This is one of the most important times to contact DBH Consulting.  Retaining a company’s most important asset — their people — is a key priority. We’ll work with you to formulate a plan that will ease concerns, prevent unnecessary attrition, and smooth the path toward a healthy enterprise.

Together, we will explore:

  • Integration planning
  • Communication strategy for internal and external stakeholders
  • The development of a transition management plan that anticipates the impact of leadership changes
  • Goals, values, mission, vision, and policies of the new company
  • Employee retention and involvement
  • Establishing training programs
  • Action plan for unifying diverse cultures
  • And more